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This study is responding to the need to develop a stronger evidence base of the entrepreneurial potential of higher education and derive lessons for policy development. The study team focuses on activities which have a particular impact on the educating students, including both curricular and extracurricular offerings as well as the institutional dimension of entrepreneurship in higher education. The study helps in gaining a better understanding of universities’ opportunities to develop entrepreneurial activities and capabilities.

A basic document for this study is the Communication on the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action plan which the European Commission adopted in January 2013. The Action Plan recognises that universities must become more entrepreneurial. It contains a list of measures specifically targeted at higher education in Europe. 

Final Report

Final Report [2,4 MB]

Report Appendix – 20 Case Studies

Final Report [6,75 MB]

Executive Summaries

Executive Summary - EN [9,01 KB]

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